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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:35:16 +0100
Adel ESSAFI <adelessafi gmail com> wrote:

> Hi list
> I was using fedora and redhat since 2000. To day, I can see that our
> favorite distro is really very strong. However, I have done some experience
> (short) with Ubuntu and I have liked to LTS concept (Long Term support).
> My idea is to build a distribution that is based on Fedora at 100% with
> 1. LTS
> 2. with a very reduce number of packages

#2 is probably a pre-requisite for making it work and if people don't
like your choice of packages they can join the project to handle more

> 3. with proprietary codecs and essentiel software (mp3, flash ) included in.

I would keep these separate even if you integrate them at a higher level
in your offering.

> cat├ęgory. That is, I have to choose between:
> *  KDE and GNOME for the destop
> * rhythembox , kaffeine, ....... as media player
> * abiword or openoffice as office writer

Nobody will agree - so just pick the bits *you* care about and let
everyone who cares enough contribute other bits.

> This distribution will be very useful for starter!!

That will depend on who your target new user is - a lot of folks will
want the latest/greatest cool stuff. There is already a distribution with
long term maintenance in the same style as Fedora and that is Centos.

Centos is boring and that to a lot of its user community is a good
thing, but it doesn't appeal to everyone.


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