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Re: F10 and built-in Intel graphics [SOLVED]

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
On Tuesday 17 March 2009 19:18, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
I can't find the other e-mail in which someone suggested using XAA
acceleration, but that seems to have worked so far.  Thanks, all!

It doesn't work. It improves the time between two crashes, but does not eliminate them. The only workaround that makes intel drivers stable atm is to add Option "NoAccel" "true" into xorg.conf, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a supported, open source, 3D accelerated driver.

I have also set XAA instead of EXA, and it does slightly improve the situation, but don't rely on it.

The problem here seems not to be just the transition from the old XAA to the new EXA. The bug is somewhere deeper, and it looks like to be an interplay of various things in the intel driver itself, the kernel, the X, the usage of 3D acceleration by the apps on top of X and so on. That is why crashes appear to be random, why it is almost impossible to trigger the bug intentionally and why there is no fix for cca 5 months now.

So much for the famous Open Source support. If it were a nVidia bug, it would be just fixed in the next release of their closed-source driver. Even ATI's buggy flgrx driver gets fixed when the bug is severe enough. And here we are having the source completely open for the intel driver, and a bug that so radically affects all Intel cards is not fixed for half a year now...

Best, :-)

well i've been using my aspire one on F10 since the day of the F10 release with the exa acceleration method, i'm scoring ~780 in glxgears with

glxgears -geometry 300x300+360+150

as the command, i've yet to have a X lockup or crash either and i'm using compositing in xfwm4 too, and the plymouth solar boot works well too. obviously not everyone is having such a good time with their intel gfx hardware, but not everyone is having problems either ;)


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