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Re: How to optimally set up components for SOHO mail system.

On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 10:12 +1100, Simon Slater wrote:
> 	G'day all,
> 		Given that in Fedora and Linux in general, there are many different
> ways to accomplish the same task, I would like to ask people of their
> recommendations or experiences in what components to use for a small
> mail set-up for home and office and how they link together.  From my
> reading so far an IMAP model would be good, but I am still unsure of the
> precise flow that mail would take in and out.
> 	Currently I use what Fedora10 defaults to (sendmail and Evolution) for
> no reason other than they are the defaults, am not sure when one stops
> and the other starts and have not looked at anything else.  I also use
> the Evo Spamassassin plugin and SA with remote filtering enabled which
> works well.  We access 10 e-mail accounts all from the same ISP.
> Different people will need to read mail from their individual accounts,
> with some accounts being read jointly by 2-3 separate users.  Volume of
> mail is low, eg. this list is 25-50% of total mail volume.
> 	I have found much material on the individual components, but not on
> mail processing in general and how they fit together, complement,
> compete or overlap each other.  Pointers to such process flow would be
> appreciated, as well as general opinions on piecing together such a
> project.
I use a setup that I implement on all my clients...

MailScanner (wrapper for clamav & spamassassin)
SQLGrey (greylisting)

mail is received by postfix, put into incoming queue, noticed by
MailScanner, checked, passed back to postfix for delivery, and finally
put into cyrus-imapd store.

cyrus-imapd includes server based sieve mail filtering, many automatic
features and allows users or administrators to individually share mail
folders. I set up all clients to use imap which allows them to use any
program on any computer on the network and still access their e-mail and
I only have to backup the server.

I use RHEL or CentOS for this mail server and not Fedora because of the
need to frequently update. I use Fedora for user desktops.

Generally, when you want to run your own mail server, you also need to
run your own DNS server because mail delivery depends upon DNS
resolution and when you've got a mail server on your internal LAN, it
has to resolve the domain name for e-mail delivery. Generally, I go for
overkill on mail setup because e-mail is the office/workgroup essential.
I also install the latest Horde/IMP/Kronolith/Nag/Turba/etc. (and LDAP)
to give a fully integrated workgroup collaboration suite of not only
shared e-mail but also shared contacts, shared calendars, etc.

If you plan on continuing to use the same mail accounts at the same ISP,
then you would probably need to set up fetchmail (or getmail) to
retrieve the e-mail from the ISP and feed it into your mail server.


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