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Re: F10 and built-in Intel graphics [SOLVED]

On Thursday 19 March 2009 20:12, psmith wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 March 2009 19:18, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> > <rant>
> > So much for the famous Open Source support. If it were a nVidia bug, it
> > would be just fixed in the next release of their closed-source driver.
> > Even ATI's buggy flgrx driver gets fixed when the bug is severe enough.
> > And here we are having the source completely open for the intel driver,
> > and a bug that so radically affects all Intel cards is not fixed for half
> > a year now... </rant>
> well i've been using my aspire one on F10 since the day of the F10
> release with the exa acceleration method, i'm scoring ~780 in glxgears with
> glxgears -geometry 300x300+360+150
> as the command, i've yet to have a X lockup or crash either and i'm
> using compositing in xfwm4 too, and the plymouth solar boot works well
> too. obviously not everyone is having such a good time with their intel
> gfx hardware, but not everyone is having problems either ;)

Ok, well, the "all Intel cards" part was under the <rant>. Of course there may 
be those unaffected. But nevertheless, this bug is far from an isolated case 
with one type of hardware or such. It does affect many people with a whole 
range of Intel hardware.

Btw, the plymouth boot didn't work for me out of the box, I still see the 
text-mode progress bar. Did you do anything specific to enable graphical 

Best, :-)

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