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Re: F10 and built-in Intel graphics

Matthew Saltzman-2 wrote:
> I have a Dell P4 desktop machine with a built-in Intel graphics card.
> lspci reports:
>         00:02.0 VGA compatible controller Intel Corp
>         82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device
>         (rev 01)
> The graphical installer freezes and X freezes after a short time
> (usually seconds or tens of seconds) after starting (even with a fully
> updated system).  I've seen reports of issues with the Intel graphics
> driver on F10, but does anyone have a way of making this work or does
> anyone know what the status is of the driver?
> I'd consider putting another card in, but the only slots in the machine
> are PCI and it hardly seems worth it, as I got the machine for free and
> it will mostly be running relatively non-graphics-intensive Windows XP
> stuff.

If it is any help I also have an old P4 with exactly the same Intel
integrated graphics chipset, and I decided to buy a good but cheap card to
plug in as I was getting so hugely frustrated with the graphics problems in
F10.  I got hold of a brand new Nvidia GeForce FX5200 PCI card for £33 ( I
am in the UK ) and at lunchtime today found a short time to change it over. 
I booted to the BIOS settings page and checked that the graphics primary was
selected as "auto". Then booted to F10 and moved xorg.conf to xorg.conf.prev
and shut down. Then opened the box and plugged the new card in to the bottom
PCI slot - closed up, moved the monitor cable from the socket for Integrated
Graphics to the socket on the new card, and rebooted (using no xorg.conf at

The system booted up nicely, and all I then had to do was to go into the
gnome settings and change the screen resolution to native for the monitor.
Now all the Intel graphics problems have vanished like magic. 

I felt the pain of continuing with persevering with the Intel graphics in
F10 was too much to bear and the investment of £33 was well worth it to get
rid of the problem. In addition there is the extra advantage that I can now
use DVI instead of DSUB (analogue) and also get a higher monitor resolution
than was available with the built-in graphics. So for a really small
investment you turn a near brick into a usable machine again! An additional
nicety is that this card has passive cooling (i.e. no fan) and no additional
power leads to mess with - just plug in to PCI slot and you are good to go.

I have not tried kmod-nvidia yet but even with default drivers in F10 it
works like a charm - 3d is later to try!

Hope this helps.
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