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Re: copying lvm with the same name

Frank Cox wrote:
On Fri, 20 Mar 2009 18:50:31 +0000
Bill Crawford wrote:

You need to either temporarily pull sda2 out, and boot off a rescue disk to rename it, or vice versa. Or find out the UUID of the volume ... if you're lucky, "vgdisplay --verbose" *might* pick up the duplicate and show you the UUID for it.

That's what I was thinking.  Since I no longer need the data on that drive (got
what I wanted off of it copied the other day) would I be better off to
disconnect sda2 and then boot off of a rescue disk and use fdisk to remove the
partition table?  Would I even need a rescue disk to do that, since sdb2 will
boot this computer just fine (that's how I got it going to copy my data).
Perhaps I could just boot it from sdb2 and run fdisk and clear the parition
table that way.

The ultimate objective here is simply to add sdb2 to the available storage on
this computer.

That's the easiest way out, but I'd do it in rescue mode, not when
running off (what is now) sdb.  Shut down, disconnect sda (500GB drive),
boot in rescue mode and wipe the partition table on (what will NOW be)
sda (the 300GB drive).  Once that's done, you can shut down, reconnect
the 500GB drive and boot normally.  Check the "lvdisplay -vm" again and
verify that now the extents are on sda2.

Sorry it's been such a pain, Frank.  You'd think the LVM tools would
have options to handle this sort of thing, but they don't appear to or
I'm not smart enough to figure out what they are.  I'm going to trawl
the bugzilla archives to see if this has been reported before (I'd be
surprised if it wasn't) and if not, put a flea in their ear.

Even before we have the final results, I'd like to thank Bill Crawford,
Aldo Foot and several others (you know who you are) who helped pick up
the slack and offer additional suggestions on this thread when I didn't
(the day job does have its demands).  This is a perfect example of how
the list should work.
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