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Re: Bash help requested: Capturing command errors within pipes

On Friday, Mar 20th 2009 at 00:39 -0000, quoth Cameron Simpson:

=>Your quotes are unneeded here. Plenty of people find the "" marks and in
=>similar cases, to use ${foo} instead of $foo elsewhere, but I find the
=>syntactic noise annoying if there's no other necessity.
=>Also, you should never use UPPER CASE names for script local variables (i.e.
=>that are not to be exported). I give some background why here:

Yes, yes yes a thousand times yes. I encourage people to always quote in 
an informed manner. This also can be expressed in a style that uses 
minimal quotes.
1. Don't quote if not necessary.
2. Use single quotes if quotes are needed but no variable interpolation is 
3. Only use double quotes if you need variable interpolation.

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