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Re: Install versus update on kmod-fglrx

Ambrogio wrote:
Hi all,

I don't know if this is the right place.
I had this problem for a long time: upgrading kernel failed.
The new kernel need updated kmod-fglrx but the old kmod-fglrx is needed
by the old kernel, so updating kmod-fglrx is not possible and all fail.

But now I tried to install kmod-fglrx instead of updating kernel.
Installation done ok, because for dependencies, yum installed the new
kernel and all everyting needed.

So I think something is wrong in package.
I think kmod should be installed by default (like kernel) instead of

What do you think?

The kmod-fglrx stuff sometimes lags behind a kernel release (since it
has to be built against the new kernel), and all the mirrors may not
have the kmod yet.  You may have been just unlucky to hit a mirror that
didn't have both RPMs yet.

If you had waited a couple of days or tried it against a different repo
mirror, it probably would have worked the first way you did it.  When
you did it the second time, the mirror you hit had both RPMs and both
got installed.
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