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Re: How to re-lock ssh private key?

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:

I thought I'd posted the details earlier -- if not here they are.  F10
64-bit x86 install with daily yum updates.  Anything else you need to
convince yourself this is a problem?

I'm curious. I have the same setup (64bit F10), and I don't see the same problem.

If I unlock my key, I can ssh to hosts where it is installed without any prompts, as expected. If I do "ssh-add -D", it prints "All identities removed". Afterward, I'm prompted for my ssh key passphrase. If I cancel the dialog, ssh will ask for my password.

I can imagine a couple of things that might cause the problem that you're seeing, if you have time to do a couple of tests. First, do "ssh-add -D" and then "ssh-add -l". Send the output of the latter command. Also, the output of "set | grep SSH". Then ssh to a host where your key is installed with "ssh -v" and include the output of that command as well. Hopefully one of those three commands will illuminate what's going on.

Thanks, Wolfgang.

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