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Re: Install versus update on kmod-fglrx

2009/3/21 suvayu ali <fatkasuvayu+linux gmail com>:
> 2009/3/20 Ambrogio <fn050202 interfree it>:
>> Hi all,
>> I don't know if this is the right place.
>> I had this problem for a long time: upgrading kernel failed.
>> The new kernel need updated kmod-fglrx but the old kmod-fglrx is needed
>> by the old kernel, so updating kmod-fglrx is not possible and all fail.
>> But now I tried to install kmod-fglrx instead of updating kernel.
>> Installation done ok, because for dependencies, yum installed the new
>> kernel and all everyting needed.
>> So I think something is wrong in package.
>> I think kmod should be installed by default (like kernel) instead of
>> updated.
> Why not use akmod, and not wait for mirrors to get updated? That way
> you always have a working system. :)
> PS: I think akmod also works for other drivers that require
> recompiling for new kernels. Am I correct?

There is an akmod for nvidia... in fact there are a lot of akmods...

akmod-iscsitarget.x86_64 : Akmod package for iscsitarget kernel module(s)
akmod-em8300.x86_64 : Akmod package for em8300 kernel module(s)
akmod-fglrx.x86_64 : Akmod package for fglrx kernel module(s)
akmod-kqemu.x86_64 : Akmod package for kqemu kernel module(s)
akmod-madwifi.x86_64 : Akmod package for madwifi kernel module(s)
akmod-ndiswrapper.x86_64 : Akmod package for ndiswrapper kernel module(s)
akmod-nvidia-173xx.x86_64 : Akmod package for nvidia-173xx kernel module(s)
akmod-nvidia.x86_64 : Akmod package for nvidia kernel module(s)
akmod-nvidia-96xx.x86_64 : Akmod package for nvidia-96xx kernel module(s)
akmod-nvidia-beta.x86_64 : Akmod package for nvidia-beta kernel module(s)
akmod-open-vm-tools.x86_64 : Akmod package for open-vm-tools kernel module(s)
akmod-qc-usb.x86_64 : Akmod package for qc-usb kernel module(s)
akmod-rt2860.x86_64 : Akmod package for rt2860 kernel module(s)
akmod-rt2870.x86_64 : Akmod package for rt2870 kernel module(s)
akmod-rt3070.x86_64 : Akmod package for rt3070 kernel module(s)
akmod-sysprof.x86_64 : Akmod package for sysprof kernel module(s)
akmod-wl.x86_64 : Akmod package for wl kernel module(s)
akmods.noarch : Automatic kmods build and install tool


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