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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

2009/3/21 Sharpe, Sam J <sam sharpe+lists redhat gmail com>
2009/3/21 Adel ESSAFI <adelessafi gmail com>:
> I see that many of you point me to centOs. The idea is interresting.
> However, why centOs is not as known as ubuntu. The main advantage in ubunti
> (in my point of view) is LTS and codecs!  Why centOS is not a commercial
> success?

CentOS is a success. I've been looking for a new job recently and lots
of medium-sized businesses are using CentOS. In my limited experience
I have only found one company asking for Ubuntu experience. Ubuntu's
codec support is also no different to Fedora - it's not in the main
repositories, you have to enable universe, just like you have to
enable rpmfusion for Fedora.
I agree. But, things looks easier in ubuntu! The coded is loaded automatically (afte a confirmation from the user). Why such features are not avalaible in Fedora!



However, CentOS isn't used as much in large organisations - they tend
(as my current employer does) to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux, because
it is certified by lots of application and hardware vendors and can be
purchased with support contracts which they have the money to buy.




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