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Re: lots of pre-F10 packages in f10

D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> Why would the packagers not rebuild all packages for a release?

Because there was no mass rebuild for Fedora 10, it was not needed.

> I didn't think that the ABI for fc9 was supported by fc10.

glibc and several other libraries are backwards-compatible. For the ones
which aren't, the soname has been bumped and so packages built against the
old version have been detected and rebuilt.

> It turns out that all fc[678] packages included are "noarch".

This is because there was a mass rebuild for Fedora 9, but noarch packages
were excluded because the mass rebuild was for GCC improvements which
didn't affect noarch packages at all.

For Fedora 11, there was a global mass rebuild of all packages (including
noarch ones) for new RPM features, so Fedora 11 should be shipping with
only packages built for Fedora 11. (But at the moment there are still some
packages which failed to rebuild and so a few old builds are still

        Kevin Kofler

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