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Re: Bluetooth push from phone doesn't work

2009/3/22 Sam Varshavchik <mrsam courier-mta com>
In the bluetooth applet, I have "visibility setting" at "always visible". Fedora sees my phone, and I can pair with it. After pairing, I can use "Browse files on the device" to pull files from the phone.

However, if I try to send a file from my phone, the phone complains that it does not see any bluetooth devices. Fedora has no problem seeing my phone, but the phone does not see my laptop. Again, Fedora's bluetooth applet shows that "visibility" is set to "always visible", yet the phone doesn't see it. It spins its wheel, for a minute, looking for Bluetooth devices to send a file to, then complains that it didn't find any.

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Hi Sam,
by def F10 install the package gnome-user-share. In the System -> Preference menu you find "Personal File Sharing".You have to check "Receive file over Bluetooth"


Alessandro Brezzi

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