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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

I think that I have chosen a bad subject for this discussion. I wanted to focus about the multimedia aspect and that there are a big variety software in Fedora. That may make the newbies a bit disturbed at the beginning.
Any way, I will concentrate to contribute (me and some of my student) to contribute in fedora. What do you think about making media player detect the missing codecs and ask to download them automatically (install rpmfusion and download the needed packages). I have never contributed before. How long time do you think that such implemented function need to be implemented.



2009/3/22 Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>
On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Tosh <toshlinux gmail com> wrote:
> Many bigger enterprises use CentOS, but they do not advertise it and it is
> very popular for small & medium enterprises
> CentOS/Fedora does lacks the same consumer fame like Ubuntu
> Two main reasons according to me :
> (1) Commercial backing => limited funding => less advertisement
> (2) Perception amongst users and the media => leading to less knowledge how
> to use the product

It might be worth suggesting to the CentOS developer community to look
at adopting MirrorManager and its support for local network mirror
administration and to start to collect aggregate data concerning the
number of client systems looking at the centralized Centos
MirrorManager instance.  Getting hard numbers on the number of Centos
installs the same way Fedora is could really help raise the level of
awareness of how pervasise Cento is is out in the wild.

I think Centos is flying under the radar a bit too much, but for that
to change Centos users need to be encouraged to be a little more vocal
about its use.




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