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Re: F-9 rescue disk?

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Tim wrote:
If I recall correctly, the Live CD is already usable as a rescue disc,
just choose the appropriate option when you boot.  Check the notes
to be

No, if that should work then nothing will I guess?

It begins to boot but shows a mess of permission errors and then " init:
tty5 respawning too fast, stopped"  and that's all she wrote!

I've probably lost it ...

Maybe I should try the F-10 Lice CD since it was in the process of
changing things over?

The live CD will boot the computer if I let it go but then I don't know
how to get on the original files on my hard drives?  I've never been
confronted with this problem until now.


Dumb question - how are you booting into the rescue mode? (The steps
you are taking - not just boot from live CD.)

The Live CD presents a normal grub screen when you hit enter and offers
several options, boot from local drive, seems appropriate.  That
produces the same result as if I just let the boot proceed normally
without the CD.  I get a raft of errors and it finally gives up and says


Ah - that is the problem - you are not booting into the rescue mode.
You are booting the same way as if you had booted from the hard
drive. Try entering "linux rescue" at the Grub prompt. (I normally
the DVD image or the boot image off the DVD, so there may be an
extra step when using the Live CD to get the Grub prompt, or a
rescue option on the Grub menu.)

Ok, I can do that and fdisk sees the two drives, /dev/sda and sdb but not /dev/sdc which I believe is the CDROM drive? And that's what's stopping the F-10 install from progressing, it can't fins /dev/sdc2? But if it is the cdrom it used it to get started!

And I still can't ssh into box6 [the failed unit]. It just reports no route to host.

What do I need to do next?


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