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Hardware issue makes Fedora not useful

Hello everybody!

I've got a question about a pestering hardware issue.

My PC has a Axion Sapphire A3-M275 motherboard (chipset Ati3 + Ali 1535D). I added a 1GB DDR1 Ram slot (by Kingston) to the native 256 MB DDR1 Ram. 
The new slot is not recognize at the boot phase.

The real strange point is that windows (my current OS) recognize both Ram slots as in service (thank to CPU Z software information).

But I want to get rid of Windows and use Fedora.

But with just 256 MB it is impossible to boot from Fedora live CD (both FC9 and FC10)! It takes You ages!

I'm looking for firmware (bios) new release from Sapphire, but I can not find anything.

How to solve the point?

Please let me leave Windows for Fedora!!!
Thanks in advance


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