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Re: F10 and built-in Intel graphics

Bugzilla from linuxhippy gmail com wrote:
> Hi,
>> I got hold of a brand new Nvidia GeForce FX5200 PCI card for £33 ( I
>> am in the UK ) and at lunchtime today found a short time to change it
>> over.
> This card was introduced in 2003 or 2004 and is only supported by
> nvidia's legacy drivers :-/
> A cheap 8400GS (or even better an ATI card where specs are open) or
> something like that might have been a better choice. If you've some
> luck you still can exchange it.

The 8400GS is PCI-e and won't fit in this old Dell Dimension 2400 - but I
have bought one of those for my other problematic Intel integrated graphics
machine (see below).   In this case (Dimension 2400) even with only 2d
working it is better than not working at all with Intel Integrated graphics
(except with Vesa)!  So even with limited support it is infinitely better
than without it.  This is an old machine and hails from the 2003 era so a
graphics card from the same era (where only slots are PCI and not PCI-e) is
quite a good choice - and that is why I bought it.

I don't actually need 3d for that machine but I may try the legacy nvidia
driver (rpmfusion) at a later stage. The way it is now with the new card the
machine works and there is no need for messing with xorg at all. 

I have a newer machine (only a few years old) Dell Dimension 5150 with 82945
integrated graphics and I bought a newer PCI-e nvidia graphics card (8400GS)
for that though I have not yet installed it in that machine, as it has been
needed for other work without a break.  X does work but only with the VESA
driver and some fiddling with parameters, but is not entirely satisfactory
(eg powersave does not work at all for the monitor!) so I will swap in the
card when there is a suitable time to have a short break in operation (and
grab kmod-nvidia from rpmfusion).  Again though I am tired of spending time
tinkering with trying to make Intel graphics work - and tired of the
incessant testing and rebooting etc - I know that there is a current big
effort to get Intel graphics working with KMS in F11 but I don't have time
to wait for these particular machines to work properly and spending a little
on a couple of graphics cards seemed the simplest way to get a working
machine "now" rather than at "some time in the future"!

Both these machines worked fine until F10 - but this is a common story for
many who simply upgraded working Fedora systems from pre-F10 - I know that
there is a risk when working with cutting edge systems but sometimes you
have to find a work around when there is no time you can afford to take out
for some months with a perfectly good piece of hardware!
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