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Re: F-9 rescue disk?

Frank Cox wrote:
On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 12:51:06 -0400
Bob Goodwin wrote:

Ok, I can do that and fdisk sees the two drives, /dev/sda and sdb but not /dev/sdc which I believe is the CDROM drive? And that's what's stopping the F-10 install from progressing, it can't fins /dev/sdc2? But if it is the cdrom it used it to get started!

And I still can't ssh into box6 [the failed unit]. It just reports no route to host.

This leads me to suspect that you don't understand what rescue mode does.

You should boot the computer that failed from the rescue cd.  After it's
booted, you can use the keyboard that's attached to that computer to "do
things", be that copy data off of of the hard drive or run fsck or whatever you
need to do.

sshd is not started by default when booting in rescue mode, so you won't be
able to log into that machine remotely unless you take additional steps (that
also involve typing on the keyboard that's attached to the computer you just
booted in rescue mode) after booting it up.

Yes, I've been typing a lot of things on the keyboard but obviously not the right things.

The computer shows that /dev/sda and sdb are there but I can't mount them because it doesn't see my original /etc/fstab apparently? Well even then I don't know how to address those drives because of the LVM? I would be quite happy if I could access those drives and extract data. There's nothing life or death on there but I would like to get a few things off if I can't fix it so the install will finish. I don't know why preupgrade is looking for /dev/sdc2. In fact I'm not sure what sdc2 is, it's either the CDROM drive or another drive I pulled to use in this computer, the original XP drive.

Whatever I can't mount either drive since I apparently don't know the right procedure if it can be done?

Service sshd status on both computers is running but I get "no route to host" in both directions, going from either one to the other but then I don't know if the "bad" computer is still with the Live CD running linux rescue?


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