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Re: Maple on Fedora

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 09:37:04AM +1300, Clint Dilks wrote:
> Dave Feustel wrote:
>> Has anyone experience using Maple on Fedora?
>> Any comments?
>> Thanks.
> It can be made to run but you have to do some minor hacking of the  
> installer binaries.  I have only tried it for Fedora core 6.  So the new  
> Fedora might be different.  From my notes
> This is the hack that is required to get the installer to work on Fedora  
> Core 6 which means you have to copy the content of the cd to the Hard  
> Drive then install from there.
I have experience cdrom install failures before, specifically with MKS
Toolkit and a couple of other cdroms. I got them to install by copying
the cdroms to hard disk and installing from the hard disk as you did.

I don't understand what the following lines are for. 

> cat UnixInstaller.bin.bak | sed "s/export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/#xport  
> LD_ASSUME_KERNEL/" >  UnixInstaller.bin
> I hope this helps :)

Is the Maple installer OS-specific or is Maple in rpm format?


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