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Re: F-9 rescue disk?

Bob Goodwin wrote:
Yes, I've been typing a lot of things on the keyboard but obviously not the right things.

The computer shows that /dev/sda and sdb are there but I can't mount them because it doesn't see my original /etc/fstab apparently? Well even then I don't know how to address those drives because of the LVM?

Bob, you might try this:

1. Boot from a Live Spin

2. Use the Logical Volume instructions here:


   to mount the root and boot partitions then to re-install grub

3. Reboot server and all is well

I posted this recently when I had an upgrade issue on an F8 machine. My problem was that rescue disk boot does not give you the tools to mount an LVM if "chroot" doesn't work. Booting a Live Spin gives you everything you need to mount up, fix the problem, then you can reboot.

Just follow the link and you will (should) find everything you need.


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