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Re: So how safe is Firefox these days?

2009/3/23 Simon Slater <pyevet iinet net au>:
> On Sun, 2009-03-22 at 11:49 +0100, jimbob palmer wrote:
>> I read somewhere that Firefox was top of the list for security bugs on
>> Fedora.
> One of the recent Linux Format magazine podcasts had some stats on this.
> Even though Firefox had many more insecurities, they were not as severe
> in nature as the couple found in other popular browsers.

Here is the report:

Firefox easily comes top of table.

I'm not really interested in how Firefox does compared to other
browsers, I'm interested in if Firefox is as secure as possible.

1. Selinux
Rahul says Firefox is contained, but not as much as possible, and
gives a link to information about opening other programs with Firefox.
-> Can't transitions be used for that, or helper applications?

2. GCC Hardening
Is Firefox using all the normal hardened gcc stuff, like aslr? How can
I check this?

My interest is this: is firefox secure enough to store a password for
an internet banking site?

If not, and ignoring how safe other browsers are, how could it be?

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