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Re: So how safe is Firefox these days?

On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 08:00 +0100, jimbob palmer wrote:
> My interest is this: is firefox secure enough to store a password for
> an internet banking site?

That sounds like a question for the Firefox crowd, more than the Fedora

For what it's worth, I wouldn't.  Security is never guaranteed, and
you'd have to be quite gutsy to offer one.  An answer to that question
*could* *reasonably* be that "we're not currently aware of any
problems."  Which doesn't actually mean there aren't any, but that they
don't know of any.  There's a big difference.

Then there's the issues of security outside the browser:  Some other
network hack into your system.  Losing your laptop while you're out and
about, or having a computer stolen while you're out, and the damage that
can be done before you notice and have a chance to contact your bank.

I'll wager that few people have prepared a plan about what to do if they
lose their computer, so they remember to take care of all the things
that they need to (contact their bank, contact other services they might
use that'll need locking out, as well as the obvious report the crime,
etc.).  And probably fewer, still, left a plan that someone else can
make use of if something happens to them.

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