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Re: system-config-printer can't find my remote printer ??

William Case wrote:
I have a working HP Photosmart C4200 series printer connected by USB to
my BASEMENT computer. I am trying to set up printing for the UPSTAIRS
computer over the LAN. system-config-printer on the UPSTAIRS computer
does not detect the basement printer and none of the set up options it
gives seems to work.

The way this should work is that CUPS browsing makes the queue available to the upstairs computer. Use tcpdump/wireshark on the upstairs machine to find out if UDP port 631 packets are being seen. If so, the problem is most likely

* the firewall on the upstairs machine (which needs to allow incoming UDP port 631), or

* the CUPS sharing settings on the upstairs machine (which should enable 'Show printers shared by other systems' -- this is the default).

If you've tried both of these things, use the printing troubleshooter on the upstairs computer to try to discover the problem.


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