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Xserver failed to start (got it to boot gui followup)

Xserver along with messagebus, named and nfs took almost an hour to
come to life and seemingly working again, but on Shut Down things
are not saving properly and I am back to square one next BootTime.

Should any 'on demand services' be running in order for messagebus,
named and nfs to work? I am showing 'xinetd(pid number)' is
running; but is not in the 'on demand services' list.

I have started or restarted these daemons; Their 'status',  saved
and running..everything is seemly fine but Yum, I am still getting
a '..not having a connection available', though 'Nightly yum update
(is showing) enabled'.

Any thoughts on what might be going on and a direction in getting
these three daemons and Xserver running properly again?

Booting is painful,

David Cooke

In trying to get Yum working,

I stopped these services improperly


and now my system either takes forever to boot or doesn't at all.

I restarted them and saved but it didn't work on reboot. Seems the
system really needs dbus services and 'messagebus' but I can't seem
to save it in the gui.

Failed to start xserver (graphical interface).

After viewing xserver output and okay to diagnose got 'fatal server
error'. And 'could not init font path element unix/:7100, removing
from list'.

I truly appreciate any help.

Currently using Fedora Core 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5smp


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