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RE: Maple on Fedora

I have used Mathematica on Fedora for a number of years.  I have found
that if I contact Mathematica and explain that I have updated my OS and
need a new password for the new configuration, that I get what I need
with no problem.  

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D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> | From: Hiisi <very-cool rambler ru>
> | Maple is not open source (free). It was main argument for me to 
> | choose another symbolic arithmetic program - maxima ( 
> | maxima.sourceforge.net ). It's brilliant.
> My daughter bought Mathmatica for a project perhaps five years ago.
> She ran it on RHL9 or something like it.  Anyway, she would have to 
> relicence it to move it to a newer distro release or machine so she 
> still runs it on the same ancient machine.
> If she had bought it for Windows XP, it would have had a much longer 
> lifetime.
> Lesson: proprietary licensing models work even worse on open platforms

> because open platform have a tradition of binary obsolescence.
> Perhaps Maplesoft has a better upgrade model than Wolfram.
> The only symbolic algebra package I ever bought was muMATH for the
> z80: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MuMATH
> I never got it to work due to its kind of copy protection.  There's a 
> theme here.
> PARI/GP worked well for my modest needs but it would not work for 
> yours.
This has been my experience as well.  Maple and Matlab both ostensibly
can be installed on Linux but in practice it's difficult or impossible.

I tried years ago, gave up and run them both in Windows.  Open source
substitutes sometimes do what I need and sometimes not.  If I have time
I play with them.  In principle I like Linux and open source, but am by
no means ideological about it.

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