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Re: Preupgrade F-9/F-10 disaster -

> On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 14:15:25 +0000
> Frank Murphy (Frankly3D) wrote:
>> > What install  notes are these? I have nwever heard of this restriction
>> > before.
>> >
>> That was the answer I was given, when I tries u\g F9-10 with Preupgrade.
>> Was told to do it DvD due to the way F9 anaconda interprets preupgrade.
> Preupgrade worked fine for me from F9 to F10 on the half-dozen computers
> that I
> did it on.
> With the exception that I had to boot most of them off of the rescue cd to
> reinstall grub afterward, but that's a minor issue and easily dealt with.

Preupgrade worked for me, somewhat...I had to go back and increase my root
fliesystem at one point, and after it was done, there were still a number
of filesets to update.

In addition, there are still quite a number of fc9 RPMs still installed,
mostly in the xorg set of programs...drivers that I don't really need, but
I really didn't expect to see fc9 in the rpm -qa output.

Mike Burger

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