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Problem with keyring not really acceptable?

My Fedora 10 machine uses NIS for authentication. I changed my NIS password. I was able to successfully log into my Fedora box, but my first attempt to open an SSH session to another machine in gnome-terminal is blocked by the keyring, which wants the old password.

Is this really acceptable? I don't know why I would need to access my local keyring in order to open a remote SSH terminal session anyway. But the keyring never helped with anything; I would still have had to enter a password for this connection, only with the keyring I have to enter two.

I don't remember being invited to create the original keyring, nor was I given an option to fix the problem when it occurred, nor does there seem to be local documentation to explain what is going on (other than a general description of what the keyring is supposed to do). I had to search the Internet to find a way out of this, and I suppose I'll have the same problem if I change my password again.

Hugh Caley, Linux Administrator
Aldon Computer Group
6001 Shellmound St. Suite 600
Emeryville, CA 94608

(510) 285-8542 | hughc aldon com

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