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Re: Redhat up2date rpms to date

That would be my preferred way, unfortunately the comapany insist I
have o download all the updates first then apply
 them to the servers.
I have been told to do it the following (tried and trusted way)
This means having to use up2date -du.
cd /var/spool/updates
mkdir /var/spool/updates/kernel
mv kernel* to /var/spool/updates/kernel
rpm -ivh *.rpm
cd /var/spool/updates/kernel
rpm -*.kernel.xxx
rpm -ivh kernel-utils.xxx

but of course as I work around the boxes newer updates may arrive.


2009/3/23 Dennis Gilmore <dennis ausil us>:
> On Sunday 22 March 2009 08:04:20 pm Paul Ward wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking for an easy way to update over 20 servers via up2date.
>> As it will take me several days to update all the servers is their an
>> easy way to add them to a rhn channel that will not accept any newer
>> packages as of a date and time I choose, as I worry that a new package
>> or even kernel maybe released in the middle of my updating /
>> downloading rpms to the servers.
>> I am going to use # up2date -du to start off with, however this could
>> still cause a problem for me.
> It sounds like you are using RHEL and RHN.  all you need to do is schedule the
> update in the web interface  and all machines will get updated on there next
> checkin. You will have all boxes updated in a matter of hours.
> Dennis
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