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Re: Anyone else think X has a performance problem ?

Alan Cox wrote:
I've got boxes at home running FC6, F8, and F10. The FC6 box is an old AMD Athlon 2Ghz 1.5GB memory, the F8 box is a P4 3 Ghz 2GB memory, and the F10 box is an Intel Core2 2.2 Ghz 4GB memory.

For the test, I created a 1,000,000 line (80 byte lines, 80 MB) text
file and timed "cat file" on all the boxes, with and without X. I ran the test several times and reported the fastest time. I also tried turning off anti-aliased text, but that was actually slower.

Bottom line, FC6 running X was 6 times faster than F8 and over 8 times
faster than F10. I know that there have been many, many improvements in Fedora over the years, but X looks like it's taking a big step backward. And don't tell me the eye-candy is much better, because I don't care.

You seem to have erroneously posted a mix of numbers mixing up version,
kernel, X server and hardware. Unless you hold three of those constant to
get the variation in the fourth your data is totally meaningless - even
if there is a real slow down.

regardless the difference between X and no X in each version/hardware is astounding! what are the reasons for this, your not telling me that X is chewing up that much cpu cycles to turn a 1minute 40sec operation into a 4minute 53sec one?

i think this merits much further analysis!

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