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Re: Anyone else think X has a performance problem ?

On Tuesday, Mar 24th 2009 at 08:14 -0000, quoth Alan Cox:

=>> regardless the difference between X and no X in each version/hardware is 
=>> astounding! what are the reasons for this, your not telling me that X is 
=>> chewing up that much cpu cycles to turn a 1minute 40sec operation into a 
=>> 4minute 53sec one?
=>Why do you assume this has anything to do with CPU cycles and not
=>graphics performance ?
=>> i think this merits much further analysis!
=>Feel free, but you need to do it in a disciplined repeatable one change
=>at a time fashion.

Performance issues are very touchy feely, and Alan is correct. One change 
at a time is the only proper way to measure any kind of performance 

Back in an old AI class a few decades ago, Patrick Henry Winston had a 
quote in his AI book that stuck with me. 

	Michaels Theorem: You can't learn anything unless you almost
			  already know it.

Measure something. Change one thing, and measure again.

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