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Re: Anyone else think X has a performance problem ?

Alan Cox wrote:
regardless the difference between X and no X in each version/hardware is astounding! what are the reasons for this, your not telling me that X is chewing up that much cpu cycles to turn a 1minute 40sec operation into a 4minute 53sec one?

Why do you assume this has anything to do with CPU cycles and not
graphics performance ?

i think this merits much further analysis!

Feel free, but you need to do it in a disciplined repeatable one change
at a time fashion.


You're correct of course. I posted some observations and I have hypothesized that I am seeing an X performance regression. I was hoping that someone would have already done the hard work and would have an explanation for what I'm seeing.

The next step is to measure the performance of different versions of X on an otherwise stable platform. That's what I'll be doing this weekend. Now I just need to figure out how to get "old" X running on F10.



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