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Re: URL error message in Thunderbird -

Le 24/03/2009 20:00, Kevin J. Cummings a écrit :
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> This is an F-10 updated computer and I am getting an error when I
>> click on a URL in a Thunderbird email:
>>    Error showing url: Failed to execute child process
>>    "/usr/lib/firefox-3.0.6/firefox" (No such file or directory)
>> Is this a recognized problem or am I unique?
>> Bob
> Given that the current firefox is version 3.0.7, I have to ask.  Are you
> running the current firefox?  If so, something screwed up in your
> update.  If not, then have you ever modified Thunderbird's about:config
> to point to a specific firefox?  Clearly the preferred application
> pointer is not right, the only question is "why is it not right".

If, at first FF 3.0.6 launch, when it ask about default browser you answer

- yes : become my default browser
(it save /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.6/firefox in gnome config)
- no : don't check this again
(it will not check and save new path in gnome config)

So : you shouldn't anwser Yes to the first question

Fix : System / Pref. / Personal / Pref app => Firefox
(will save firefox (without path) in the gnome pref)

Improvment : defaulf firefox config should be set to not test default
browser on Launch:  browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser = false

Hope that helps

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