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Re: weather report applet dead again?

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Tuesday 24 March 2009 15:00:46 Robert Nichols wrote:
Mike Cloaked wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
It still works in F9 if you mean the display associated with the
Works for me fine in F10 too...
For me, it sits in the "Updating..." state, displaying "--", every
time I login on my F10 laptop.  The only way to get it to work is
to remove the applet from the panel, re-add it, and set all the
preferences.  I suspect that what is happening is that it tries to
to connect before Network Manager has established my wireless
connection and locks up because of some bug in handling the error.
I can see that it works just fine if I have my wired ethernet
connection plugged in, which connects before I log in.

My F10 netbook is using a wireless connection, so I too find that it displays 'Loading...', but after 30 minutes, at the refresh time, it does indeed refresh. Maybe a bug report should suggest that it tries, say, 5 minutes after a failure? But then, if it fails again, would it go on trying for ever, every 5 minutes?

On my laptop it displays "Updating...", not "Loading...", and _never_
recovers.  I tried changing the update interval to 1 minute, log out,
log back in, ... no change, never recovers, forever "Updating...".

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