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Re: xen in fedora now

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 04:39:36PM -0400, chloe K wrote:
> Hi all
>   What is xen kernel in fedora now?
>   Can I use it as virtual private server?
>   or I have to download xen kernel to recompile to support xen

Paravirtualized pv_ops Xen domU (guest) support is included in the default kernels; 
"kernel-PAE" for 32bit and "kernel" for 64bit Fedora 10.

Fedora 11 will also ship with PV pv_ops Xen domU support included in the default kernels.

There's this bug in F10 which affects 32bit domU installs:

Also see this tip if you want to install 32bit F10 domUs:

F11 (when it's out) should also install out of the box as a Xen PV domU.

Also earlier Fedora versions should work as a domU out of the box.

If you're talking about dom0 (host) then Fedora 8 is currently the latest
Fedora release having Xen dom0 capable kernel. 

dom0 support will be added back to Fedora when pv_ops dom0 support is included in the
vanilla/mainline Linux kernels (merging should happen for Linux 2.6.30).

-- Pasi

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