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Re: F10 VS vlc

> Asunto: F10 VS vlc

> Hi!
> I just noticed last night that vlc no longer displays its GUI. It still
> plays audio (haven't tried video yet), but I get no control panel from
> it anymore. I have to kill it (kill -9) to stop it, and there are no
> controls.
> As recently as this past weekend it was working fine.
> Did perhaps an update install a broken one? Any other ideas?
> Thanks!
> -- 

Please do me a favor. Install keepassx and see if it starts. I have vlc and have the same problem. I'm wondering if my keepassx problem is the same problem that vlc is having ie. no GUI displays.

I found the sourceforge site where I need to file a bug report but I'm thinking this really isn't a keepassx (or vlc) bug at all but something else so I hesitate.

Dennis K

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