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Re: Linux on a pendrive

On Wed, 2009-03-25 at 14:56 -0400, Michael Weiner wrote:
> Thought i would throw this out there to the those that have far more
> experience than i in this matter. I have a need to create a bootable
> USB pendrive, easy enough, thanks to the LiveUSB-Creator tool provided
> on the fedoraproject site. But what i need is a desktop linux (KDE
> preferred) with some additional RPMs and Applications on it
> (Scientific based apps like PyMol) on a pendrive. I have created the
> pendrive with quite a bit of space for persistent storage, but wanted
> some opinions on the best way to move forward.
> Thanks in advance for any direction
> Michael Weiner
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I keep a fullish install of F10 on a USB stick (8GB)
In fact I keep an i386 and an X86-64 stick.
I used XFCE but KDE fits in 8GB fine
Is it slower than Hard disk - yes - is it usable - very

I work from the standard F10 distribution and install over NFS
but a full DVD install is fine.
On boot install - enter expert askmethod and later select the USB stick
to install to.

Will it boot after install - yes if the BIOS support USB disk.
Even if it won't boot directly there are usually ways round that.


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