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Re: alt-f2

Jim Douglas wrote:
When I enter alt-f2 the options are gone and I can't run as sudo?

How can I run konqueror as root?
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I make a Icon on my desktop 'KonquerorSU'

1. right click on Desktop and 'Create New' 'link to application' 2. Properties window opens up. 3. In "General Tab" I give it a name of KonquerorSU, and then I click on Icon on left top and give it a Icon. 4. In "Application Tab" at "Command" I put /usr/bin/konqueror . also in Application Tab at bottom right I click on "Application Options" and then ' Check' "Run as a different user" and at "Username" type in 'root' .
5. Then click on OK at bottom and you have a KonquerorSU icon on Desktop.

Now for the worst of it all !!
After you open a text file using Kwrite a few times.
Then shutdown KonquerorSU filemanager and have to open it again to edit a new text file in Kwrite, it's going to give you a error message "Can't launch Kwrite".
You then will have to restart KDE to get it to Edit text files in SU KDE.

That error message, can't launch Kwite has been a problem in KonquerorSU for the past KDE releases. And I have been to lazy to report it to bugzilla.kde. If anyone knows how to fix it I would like to know about it.

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