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Re: alt-f2

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Wednesday 25 March 2009 20:39:16 Jim wrote:
Jim Douglas wrote:
When I enter alt-f2 the options are gone and I can't run as sudo?

How can I run konqueror as root?
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I make a Icon on my desktop 'KonquerorSU'

1. right click on Desktop and 'Create New'   'link to application'
2. Properties window opens up.
3. In "General Tab" I give it a name of KonquerorSU, and then I click on
Icon on left top  and give it a Icon.
4. In "Application Tab" at "Command" I put /usr/bin/konqueror . also in
Application Tab at bottom right I click on
    "Application Options" and then  ' Check'  "Run as a different user"
and at "Username" type in 'root' .
5. Then click on OK at bottom and you have a KonquerorSU icon on Desktop.

This works in KDE3, and in KDE4 if you are working in FolderView. It doesn't work in KDE4 if you work in Desktop View.

Now for the worst of it all !!
After you open a text file using Kwrite a few times.
Then shutdown KonquerorSU filemanager and have to open it again to edit
a new text file in Kwrite, it's going to give you a error message "Can't
launch Kwrite".
You then will have to restart KDE to get it to Edit text files in SU KDE.

That error message, can't launch Kwite has been a problem in KonquerorSU
for the past KDE releases.
And I have been to lazy to report it to bugzilla.kde.  If anyone knows
how to fix it I would like to know about it.

Usually, typing 'xhost+localhost' in the root konsole will get it working again. I've seen situations where the user couldn't launch kwrite, and the same command in a user konsole cures it most times.

I have it setup in KDE4 in the Desktop Folderview .
Thanks for the 'xhost+localhost' pointer.

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