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Re: update caused java breakage

Robert L Cochran wrote:
I think yesterday's openjdk update may have broken Java somehow....the
Arduino-0013 IDE doesn't function after being drawn on the screen. The
IDE window will either go white, or you can maximize it or minimize it
but not close the window or do anything else with it. I saw the
reference to XINERAMA that another person responding to Brian's post
write about, abnd I looked over the archlinux thread, but I'm not quite
sure what to do. I have Sun's Java JDK installed and I wonder if the
openjdk update wiped out something needed by the Sun JDK.

That could be, but I don't have openjdk installed. I believe this is because I upgraded from 7 -> 10. But that's a lot like my experience with jEdit: just a white screen. When I tried starting without ~/.jedit in place, I saw a couple of windows instead, and they behaved just as you describe.

I've just got back so will check out some of the ideas Roberto posted.


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