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Re: rkhunter found this...

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:
On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 20:07:54 -0400
brian wrote:

It means some script somewhere did an rm -f on /dev/null
then later some other script redirected output to /dev/null
thus creating it as a regular file.
It looks more like a typo, as another poster said (one L).

Could be, but I had /dev/null deleted on a machine once and
the ensuing fun was really spectacular :-).

Doing "whatever > /dev/null" wasn't too bad, but when
someone said "whatever < /dev/null" amazingly random things
could happen.

The point is, it is not MY scripts doing this! I have had
this bugger for quite some time on F9 and it does not
go away! Grr. I just deleted it every time rkhunter
reports it. Probably just ignore the darn thing....
Since there is this nsdc: found in the text, I looked it up:

NSDC(8) BSD System Manager’s Manual NSDC(8)

nsdc - Name Server Daemon (NSD) control script
So perhaps somewhere in there is the offending /dev/nul script somewhere...
any idea where to look?

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