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Re: rkhunter found this...

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Tom Horsley wrote:
On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 20:07:54 -0400
brian wrote:

It means some script somewhere did an rm -f on /dev/null
then later some other script redirected output to /dev/null
thus creating it as a regular file.
It looks more like a typo, as another poster said (one L).

Could be, but I had /dev/null deleted on a machine once and
the ensuing fun was really spectacular :-).

Doing "whatever > /dev/null" wasn't too bad, but when
someone said "whatever < /dev/null" amazingly random things
could happen.

The point is, it is not MY scripts doing this!  I have had
this bugger for quite some time on F9 and it does not
go away!  Grr.  I just deleted it every time rkhunter
reports it.  Probably just ignore the darn thing....

This information kinda re-enforces that its a typo in a script somewhere.

Is the text really "nsdc:" or is it "nscd:"? nscd would be the Name Service Caching Daemon.

My F9 system exhibits no such behaviour. Then again, I'm not running nscd on my F9 system, instead I'm using named which is running on my F8 server.

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