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Re: rkhunter found this...

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
For fun,  I looked at: /etc/init.d/nsd and there was code
in two places that had: 2>%1 (a stderr redirect?) and I suspected
it was intended to be: 2>&1?  I was not sure the % was
something I have seen before - this does not exists in the
entire /etc/init.d directory except for nsd!  Bug????


I also found the same problems in:

There are three places where the same 2>%1 appears
but ALSO there is that /dev/nul (one "l") !!!

Now, the question I have is: is 2>%1 a valid redirect
string?  If not, then it is only the cron script in 3 places
but if it is not, then there are 5 places, two in init.d and
three in the cron script.

Yes, it's a valid redirection: it redirects stderr to a file named '%1' in the current directory.

You may want to check around for that file--I assume the working directory for cron and init is /, but I could be wrong.

Each place where nsdc is run in those two scripts should be changed to look like this:
/usr/sbin/nsdc command > /dev/null 2>&1

I.e., with the correct device name and redirect syntax.

I expect filing an issue and passing along the corrections would be helpful.


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