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Starting services slowed, Xserver tainted and getting Yum to find baseurl's

Takes longer now starting services for messagebus, named and nsf.


Xserver fails and starts its diagnoses, do output and options to
change the 'Power Manager' settings. Doing so saves something from
/x11/xorg.config to .config.backup. Getting to restart the Xserver,
sometimes more than once, The desktop slowly loads along with a few

 Is Anyone familiar with what is going on with this?

 Would really appreciate A starting point on how-to-fix it?

After the system is up, It seems then to run okay, though the thumb
drive and DVD aren't showing up.

I also need life back into YUM. Haven't been able to update...since
'08.  Yum shows, 'nightly updates enabled' but /var/log/yum.log
indicates no actions have been taken. Messages it can't find a
valid baseurl for repo: updates.

I posted on the 23th with a follow-up on the 25th to some of the
dialog 'system messages', outputs and complaints from the xserver.
Will gladly post anything additional you need.


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