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Re: OT: Sleep Mode (?)

Generally pressing a key on the keyboard, or clicking the mouse should
wake it up. Its called S3 sleep, and all data is in memory, just
enters a low power state

If it will only wake up for a few seconds, then goes back to sleep
again, power off the machine by yanking the mains supply and starting
it back up. I know that sleep support and hibernation is a little
flaky in Linux, on my laptops anyway so I avoid it.

2009/3/27 Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh pacbell net>:
> I have recently bought a new computer and a fancy keyboard with many
> keys I have never seen before.  I accidentally pressed a key at the
> upper right of the keyboard marked "WAKE", which seems to have put the
> computer to sleep.  Symptoms are that the monitor has gone dark
> displaying "No Signal", and the power light on the computer blinks.
> Pressing the power button wakes the computer up for about 5 seconds,
> after which it sleeps again.  Pressing the reset button has no effect.
> The salesman (Central Computer of SF) has told me that the machine has
> gone into "sleep mode", which can be started in a number of ways.  He
> didn't know how to get it out except by powering down the machine (using
> the main power switch on the back), then powering up.  I asked him
> whether there was any other way to wake it, and what use sleep mode
> could be; he knew nothing, except that there may be a way to restart the
> machine using the keyboard (but he doesn't know how).  I have a call in
> to tech support.
> Useful info may be:
>        Computer is a white box using an AMD Phenom chip in an ASUS
>        M3A78-EM motherboard.
>        OS is Fedora-10 with all updates installed
>        Keyboard is from DeLUX.
> Any info would be much appreciated.
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