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Re: OT: Sleep Mode (?)

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 22:25 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> I have recently bought a new computer and a fancy keyboard with many
> keys I have never seen before.  I accidentally pressed a key at the
> upper right of the keyboard marked "WAKE", which seems to have put the
> computer to sleep.  Symptoms are that the monitor has gone dark
> displaying "No Signal", and the power light on the computer blinks.
> Pressing the power button wakes the computer up for about 5 seconds,
> after which it sleeps again.

Sleeping and hibernation can be buggy on some computers, even with the
original OS that was installed on it.  Waking up, too.  i.e. Things may
not go to sleep (in one or both modes), *and*/*or* may not wake up.  For
desk top PCs this can be a nightmare, as you usually have a system built
from parts that have never been assembled together by the designer of
the motherboard, and it only takes one thing (e.g. a network card, a
graphics card, etc.), to make a mess of sleeping and waking up.

Generally, there's a key or two dedicated to putting the computer to
sleep in one of two modes:

Suspend to RAM, which requires power to be continued to supplied, albeit
at a lower level than while operating.  Waking up just goes back to
normal operating mode.

Suspend to disc, which dumps all the RAM contents to disc, and powers
off.  Then, waking up restores the contents to RAM from the disc.

Waking up depends on the method you put the computer to sleep.  If you
did a suspend to disc, then you turn the computer on in the normal way,
and it tries to resume from where it left off.  Waking up from suspend
to RAM may require you to press any key on the keyboard, or do something
else (it depends on what the computer still keeps powered up enough to
be able to recognise you're trying to restart it).  Check the manual.

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