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Re: Backing up system

Hope this isn't to Off-Topic... but related info.

Been watching this thread, and want to mention the methods that I have 
used. G4L and G4U can both do disk and partition images. I must point out 
that I am the current maintainer of the Free G4L. 

I develop the system on my Fedora machines, but it uses the kernel.org 
kernels. The program can be booted from the cd, or it can be added to a 
system by adding options to the grub menu, or even from windows using 

It is basically using the dd command to copy the sectors, and uses lzop, gzip, 
bzip2 or no compression on the image. It can backup to an ftp server, or to 
another disk or partition, or make a clone of a disk. It is not a file level 
backup, up disk or partition. 

I use it in my computer lab to backup the 80GB disk with 98, XP, and Fedora 
10  in about 50 minutes making a 12GB image file on a 250GB disk on my 
AMD64 Fedora machine. 

It does work best if you clear unused space before doing an image to reduce 
space since the null filled sectors compress to almost nothing. 

The program is available on sourceforge and freshmeat. 

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