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Re: FDISK problems

woodson2 wrote:

Mike Wright-4 wrote:
woodson2 wrote:
OS= Fedora 10

I have a secondary 250GB disk of which I created a 50G partition on to
and set-up an LFS system. I finished with the LFS system and now I want
destroy the partition and reclaim all of the 250GB. So i simply ran fdisk
/dev/sdb and deleted the 2 Linux partitions ( one 83 and one swap). I
created a new partition as primary partition #1. fdisk appears to see the
entire disk....I'm able to start at cylinder 1 and end at 30401 which is
250GB, however when i mount the partition it's shows as only 50G.....What
the hell is going on here???

Simple question: did you remember to reformat the new partition?

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Mike, if you mean by reformat to write to use "w' to write to the partition

I think, he meant: mkfs.


Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>

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