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RE: FC10 Suspend problem

I was only using pm-suspend to try to figure out why suspend on gnome
didn't work =)

Where can I get hold of thinkpad-acpi?


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> Hiren Joshi wrote:
> > I have an IBM T43 and since I upgraded to FC10 the suspend hangs, 
> > according to pm-suspend it all powers down fine but the 
> screen stays on 
> > with the console and the fan stays on...... Any thoughts?
> I can't answer your question,
> but isn't this a rather unusual way to suspend (to disk or RAM?)?
> I am running Fedora-10/KDE on a Thinkpad T43,
> and suspend to RAM works exceptionally well.
> The machine suspends automatically if the lid is closed
> and the power is disconnected.
> So I never need to take any action to suspend,
> but if I did I would just click on f=>Leave=>Suspend to RAM
> I notice that lsmod shows thinkpad-acpi on my T43.
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