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Re: FDISK problems

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 8:53 AM, woodson2 <mlstarling31 hotmail com> wrote:
> OS= Fedora 10
> I have a secondary 250GB disk of which I created a 50G partition on to try
> and set-up an LFS system. I finished with the LFS system and now I want to
> destroy the partition and reclaim all of the 250GB. So i simply ran fdisk
> /dev/sdb and deleted the 2 Linux partitions ( one 83 and one swap). I then
> created a new partition as primary partition #1. fdisk appears to see the
> entire disk....I'm able to start at cylinder 1 and end at 30401 which is
> 250GB, however when i mount the partition it's shows as only 50G.....What
> the hell is going on here???

Using "w" from fdisk "writes table to disk and exits"

At the CLI do "partprobe" after changing the partition layout in a disk.
"partprobe  is  a  program  that  informs  the  operating  system
kernel of partition table
changes, by requesting that the operating system re-read the partition table"

so "w" does something to the disk, partprobe tells the OS what was
done on the disk.


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