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Re: Firewall and RPC Setup for NFS

2009/3/27 Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh pacbell net>:
> Setting up to use NFS I've found that RPC doesn't work; it's blocked by
> the firewall.  I surmise that RPC is one of the services listed in
> System->Administration->Firewall under the "Trusted Services" tab.  But
> which one?  If my surmise is not correct, how do I enable RPC service
> without turning off the firewall?

It's not in that list, but it's port 111 udp/tcp:

[sam machine ~]$ cat /etc/services | grep portmapper
sunrpc		111/tcp		portmapper	# RPC 4.0 portmapper TCP
sunrpc		111/udp		portmapper	# RPC 4.0 portmapper UDP

If you're firewalling NFS, you might want to also look at locking
services to particular ports and opening them on your firewall:
[sam machine ~]$ sudo cat /etc/sysconfig/nfs

Otherwise, the assignment of ports for RPC services is random, which
creates a slight firewall issue...


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